Compatibility Matrix for vSphere CSI Driver

The following table describes compatibility of the vSphere CSI driver releases with vSphere releases.

vSphere/ESXi Version vSphere CSI v1.0.1 vSphere CSI v1.0.2 vSphere CSI v2.0.0
vSphere 6.7U3/ESXi 6.7U3 Compatible Compatible CSI 1.0 driver features continue to work on vSphere 6.7U3. New CSI 2.0 features are not supported.
vSphere 7.0/ESXi 7.0 Not Compatible CSI 1.0.2 driver features continue to work on vSphere 7.0. Compatible with new vSphere 7.0 features.

Refer to upgrade support matrix to learn about upgrade support.

Refer to feature matrix to learn about features added to the vSphere CSI 2.0 driver.

Note: vSphere CSI driver is not supported on Windows based vCenter.

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