Compatibility Matrix for vSphere CSI Driver

  • vSphere CSI driver is released with specific version of CSI sidecar containers which has the minimum and maximum kubernetes version requirement.


  • vmware supports the deprecated release of the driver until End Of Life date.
vSphere CSI Driver Minimum Kubernetes Release Maximum Kubernetes Release Deprecated End of Life
v2.2.0 1.18 1.20 No -
v2.1.1 1.17 1.19 No -
v2.1.0 1.17 1.19 No -
v2.0.1 1.17 1.19 Yes January 2022
v2.0.0 1.16 1.18 Yes January 2022
v1.0.3 1.14 1.16 Yes June 2021
v1.0.2 1.14 1.16 Yes January 2021
  • vSphere CSI driver is compatible with vSphere 67u3, vSphere 7.0, 7.0u1 and 7.0u2. If you have a newer vCenter version but older ESXi hosts, new features added in the newer vCenter will not work until all the ESXi hosts are upgraded to the newer version.

    • For bug fixes and performance improvements, user can deploy the latest vSphere CSI driver without upgrading vSphere.
    • Features added in the newer vSphere releases does not work on the older vSphere CSI driver. Refer to feature matrix to learn about what features added in each release of vSphere and CSI driver.
  • vSphere CSI driver is not supported on Windows based vCenter.

  • vSphere CSI driver is not supported on vSAN stretch cluster.
  • vSphere CSI driver does not support provisioning volumes on NFSv4 Datastore.
  • vSphere CSI driver does not currently support vCenter HA.
  • vSphere CSI driver does not currently support Storage vMotion.

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