vSphere CSI Driver - Limits

Limits Single-Access Volume Multi-Access Volume
Number of Volumes 10000 volumes per vCenter for vSAN, NFSv3, VMFS type datastores and 840 volumes per vCenter for vVOL type datastores 32 File shares per vSAN Cluster (5 clients per share)
Number of vSphere Virtual Disk Backed RWO PVs per VM with 4 controllers Max 59 (with 4 Paravirtual SCSI controllers on VM with 1 slot used for primary disk of Node VM) N/A
Multiple instances of CSI pods in Multi-master mode replica = 1 replica = 1


  • In the above table limits for Single-Access Volume is applicable to both Single-Access Filesystem Volumes and Single-Access Block Volumes.
  • Only a single vCenter is supported by vSphere CSI Driver. To use vSphere CSI driver, make sure node VMs do not spread across multiple vCenter servers.
  • vSphere CSI driver only uses Paravirtual SCSI controllers to attach volumes to Node VM, so each non Paravirtual SCSI controller on the Node VM reduces the max limit for vSphere Virtual Disk Backed RWO PVs per node VM by 15.

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