vSphere CSI Driver - Supported Features Matrix

Native K8s on vSphere 6.7U3 (CSI 1.0.2 & 2.0) Native K8s on vSphere 7.0 (CSI 2.0) vSphere with Tanzu – Supervisor Cluster vSphere with Tanzu – TKG Service ‘Guest’ Cluster
CNS UI Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Enhanced Object Health in UI Yes (vSAN only) Yes (vSAN only) Yes (vSAN only) Yes (vSAN only)
Dynamic Block PV support (Read-Write-Once Access Mode) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dynamic File PV support (Read-Write-Many Access Mode) No Yes (vSAN only) No No
Encryption support via VMcrypt No Yes (Block Volume) No No
Dynamic Virtual Volume PV support No Yes No No
Offline Volume Expansion support (beta) No Yes (Block Volume) No Yes (Block Volume)
Topology/Availability Zone support Yes (Block Volume) Yes (Block Volume) No No
Static PV Provisioning Yes Yes No Yes
K8s Multi-node Control Plane support Yes Yes Yes Yes
WaitForFirstConsumer Yes Yes No No
Volume Health No No Yes (Block Volume) Yes (Block Volume)


  • vSphere CSI driver is not supported on Windows based vCenter.
  • vSphere CSI driver is not supported on vSAN stretch cluster.
  • Feature to migrate in-tree vSphere volumes to CSI is released as beta with v2.1.0. This feature requires vSphere 7.0u1.
  • vSphere CSI driver and Cloud Native Storage in vSphere does not currently support Storage DRS feature in vSphere.
  • Native K8s is any distribution that uses vanilla upstream Kubernetes binaries and pods (e.g. VMware TKG, TKGI, etc)
  • If the CSI version 2.0 driver is installed on K8s running on vSphere 6.7U3, the older CSI 1.0 driver features continue to work but the new CSI 2.0 features are not supported.
  • If the CSI version 1.0.2 is installed on K8s running on vSphere 7.0, the CSI 1.0 driver features continue to work. CSI version 1.0.1 is not compatible with vSphere 7.
  • CSI version 1.0.x and CSI version 2.0 on vSphere 6.7U3, vSphere with K8s, TKG ‘Guest’ and PKS 1.7 only support dynamically provisioned block (RWO) volumes on vSphere storage.
  • The dynamic creation of read-write-many (RWX) and read-only-many (ROX) file based Persistent Volumes is only available in vSphere 7.0 through vSAN 7.0 File Services.
  • PV Encryption, offline volume grow and Topology/AZ support are only available on block based Persistent Volumes. These features are not available with PVs backed by file shares.
  • Offline volume expansion requires a minimum Kubernetes version of 1.16+, and is also a beta feature in this release. This feature is enabled by default in vSphere 7.0 for Native K8s and in vSphere 7.0U1 for TKG clusters.
  • Multi-node Control Planes only supports having a single CSI Pod being active at any time (replica = 1 in controller manifest).
  • WaitForFirstConsumer is a K8s feature that delays volume binding until the Pod has been scheduled, and is used for Pod and PV placement.
  • Volume health is supported for block volumes in vSphere with Kubernetes Cluster and Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Cluster - vSphere 7.0u1.

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